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How To Use Midfinger, Dislike and Rock Smilies in Facebook

Most of use Facebook chat to communicate, chat and etc...  Facebook gives many smilies to the user to convenient chat among their friends. So that we can also use midfing, dislike and rocks smilies in Facebook.

1. MIDFING - This smilie is for bad impression. Many of us want to use this.  Just type [[midfing]] in your chat box and hit enter. Now you will get midfing smilie.

2. DISLIKE - During some conversation we can use dislike statement. So that we can also use dislike smilie.  Type [[iidislyk]] in your chat box and hit enter. Then you will get a dislike smilie.

3. ROCK - This smilie is widely used for many places. Type [[roxsign]] in your chat box and hit enter then you will get a rock smilie.



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